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Castalot mold mix, 11kg

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Castalot - Glass Mould Material INSTRUCTIONS A fast setting, refirable mould material for glass slumping, fusing or kiln casting applications. Carvable (wet or dry). Use an FFP3 particle mask or respirator when handling this product or any other dry, powdered material. Mixing Instructions: (You may want to do a small mould first to get a feel for its working properties) Add 2 parts mould material (scooped loosely in the container) to 1 part water by volume. More water may be added to increase working time but allow more time to set (don't exceed 60% water content). Mix thoroughly for approximately 90 seconds, and pour immediately. Working time: 5 -6 minutes This is a dense material and we recommend using thin wire to create vent holes-see diagrams. Pour over prepared model (clay, plasticene or rubber) as soon as material is thoroughly mixed. It should have the consistency of a milkshake. Agitate vigorously to eliminate bubbles. Remove from model as soon as material is completely set (approximately 30-40 min). For best results it is important to slowly pre-fire the mould to 10ºC over the desired fusing, casting, or slumping temperature. This will fire out the impurities making a longer lasting mould. Example: for a 6” x 9” x 1.5”D mould: Initial phase: 30 min to 88ºC hold for 2 hrs, (this will force out the steam) then ramp @ 135ºC/hr to desired temperature and allow to cool naturally. For larger moulds, add more time to the initial heating phase and go slower to the top end of the cure. This is an approximate schedule. Yours may vary depending on mould and model type and kiln configuration. Once the mould has been pre-fired, you may increase the ramp up time on consecutive firings, depending on mould size and glass configuration. A thin coating of kiln wash is preferable for castings and will also help extend the life of the mould. Substitute Isopropyl Alcohol for water in the kiln wash to dry faster and prolong the moulds.