Conloc, EGO #5095001U

CONLOC-UV glue 651, Glass-Clear, tension shear 10N/mm2


CONLOC® UV 651is a high-viscosity, solvent-free, one component adhesive which cures photochemically when exposed to UV light.
For bonding glass/glass, glass/metal when extremely high optical clarity is required. CONLOC UV 651 is neither suited for outdoor applications nor for the construction of aquaria. The product may yellow when exposed to temperatures higher than room temperature.
Technical data:
Refraction Index: Approx. 1.5
Density: Approx. 1.09 g/cm³
Solids Content: 100%
Flash Point: > 95°C
Viscosity: Approx. 5500 mPa•s
Consistency: High viscosity
Gap Width: 0.05 - 0.5 mm
Irradiation: UVA 320 - 400 nm
Use of Activator 953: No
Hardness Shore D: Approx. 70
Tensile Shear Stength: 10 N/mm²
Linear Shrinkage: Approx. 8 %


100g, 20g