Type and price of delivery

Personal Pick Up

To pick up your order personally, always contact us in advance by telephone or by email. Your order can be picked up on the same day if the items you have ordered are in stock. If they are not, we will inform you. Orders can be picked up Mon – Fri from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00, or outside of these hours according to individual agreement.

Delivery Services

Orders are delivered via the carriers PPL and GLS. We always try to choose the cheapest method of delivery, in case of oversized packages SCHENKER or TNT may be used.
After your order is received we verify whether they are in stock and you will receive an automatically generated email with payment instructions, as well as an attached tax receipt in case of payments in advance.

The shipping price includes email / telephone contact with the customer in case of any change in the time or place of delivery.

For some out-of-stock, bulky, or otherwise difficult to transport products, the price of shipping may be increased.

We use recycled packaging materials.

WARNING! If the package is visibly damaged or if the protective tape has been broken, please file a complaint directly with the carrier. The supplier is not liable for any damages incurred during transport.
Packages are usually delivered within two days of dispatch. The customer is informed by email when the package is shipped.

Delivery to Slovakia

We ship packages via the shipping carrier GLS using cash on delivery, or payments in advance can be sent in euros (EUR) to our FIO Bank account, account number: 2900547959/8330. Bank transfers are sent as domestic transfers, not as cross-border transfers. When paying in advance you do not pay cash on delivery.

Delivery Abroad

Delivery is provided by the shipping carrier GLS, payments in euros (EUR) can be sent to our FIO Bank account.
Account Number: 2900547959/2010
IBAN: CZ2520100000002900547959